Duck Fans Prepare for Kickoff

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EUGENE, Ore. — Preparations are underway for the University of Oregon Duck football game this Saturday against Nichols State.

It’s just a few days before thousands of fans will pour into Autzen stadium. While crews are preparing the stadium for the big day, fans can prepare for some new changes this year.

“The visitors’ locker room has shifted over to the east side of the stadium and that actually means that the visitors will be coming down that tunnel and that is actually going to create a little bit of congestion on that side,” said Craig Pintens, UO Athletic Department Spokesman.

Pintens says the Ducks and the opposing team both used to come out of the west side of the stadium, but now only the Ducks will enter from that side. He says that decision was made to keep the team closer to the stadium.

“The reason for that is at half-time our team needed to be a little bit closer to the field rather than going to their new locker room in the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex,” Pintens said.

Pintens says visitors entering at the east gate might be diverted by security for the opposing team’s run down the tunnel and onto the field.

As for seating this year, UO Athletic Communications wants to remind fans about the new regulations.

“Obviously that is something that we’ve talked about and we want to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to have a comfortable spot inside and brings in a seat cushion that fits within the confines of your seat,” Pintens said.

Saturday’s game is sold out, but the athletic department says they’re still selling standing room only tickets for $20.

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