Duck Fans React to Kelly Leaving

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EUGENE, Ore. — Students weren’t the only ones surprised to see University of Oregon Head Football Coach Chip Kelly leave to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s definitely the talk all around town.

Most fans were surprised and disappointed. We ran into fans who’ve supported the Ducks for decades and others just learning how much of Duck country this really is.

The sentiments were the same. A few weeks ago they wouldn’t have been as surprised, but now they are left wondering why Kelly flip flopped on his decision to leave Oregon.

“If he would’ve gone when he was talking about leaving, most people would’ve accepted it more because they would’ve expected it. But to change his mind like this kind of throws everyone a big curve ball,” said Eugene resident Michael Dardano.

“Shocked. I thought when he came back that was a real sign of loyalty and I still can’t quite get over it. I was hoping he would stay. He has he raised the program to a high level–a level it’s never seen before,” said Tom Bowen, who’s been a fan since the 1940s.

“I didn’t know he was leaving until just now. I am sad, but glad he’s found something that’ll be a good fit for him. We’ll miss him in Eugene,” said Eugene resident Lori Hayes.

Whether they were lifelong fans, or just started following the football program, everyone said the same thing. They think the Ducks will have continued success in the future.

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