Duck Fans Taking Wins for Granted?

EUGENE, Ore. — Duck fans don’t seem to be as excited about the AP rankings as Beaver fans, partly because University of Oregon fans expect to be in the top ten these days.

The second-place Ducks beat five of their six opponents this year by at least three touchdowns, making for some less than riveting games.

A lot of younger and newer Duck fans say it’s not as much fun when the rest of the Pac-12 can’t keep up. UO fans who have been here longer than Chip Kelly say this is nothing to complain about. The athletic department agrees.

So far other Pac-12 teams haven’t kept up with University of Oregon. Conference teams that have faced them so far have lost by 25, 31 and 49 points. But some would argue the best is yet to come, with half of the Ducks’ remaining opponents currently in the top 25.

Duck fans can look forward to more equal match-ups through the rest of the season.

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