Duck Football Announcer Releases Book

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EUGENE, Ore. — “It never rains in Autzen Stadium” is more than just a catch phrase started by Don Essig, it’s now the title of his new biography.

It’s being sold in all of The Duck Store locations in the state and at a few local shops around town.

The author of the book, Chuck Wenstrom, bugged Don Essig for years about teaming up for his biography.

About a year and a half ago, Essig finally caved.

Don’t let the title fool you though. He says the book is about much more than his announcing career.

Though he does delve into some funny stories at the mic, it details his life from farm life in Oregon City, yo his education at both Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, and how a Beaver alum came to announce for Duck football for nearly 50 years.

“Everybody’s reaction was kind of the same–‘Well I didn’t know that about you.’ They’re gonna think the whole book’s on announcing, but they will find out a lot of things about Don Essig they didn’t know before,” said Don Essig, Oregon Ducks PA Announcer.

Essig says there are many humorous little secrets woven into the story of his life. Some that not even his family knew about until they read it.

Essig has nine book signings scheduled all over town and beyond. The one at The Duck Store on 13th Avenue and Kincaid Street will be on Tuesday, Nov. 20.


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  1. Jody says:

    Don Essig is a treasure that we in this area are blessed to have in our midst.

  2. Beth Christiansen says:

    Way to go Don! Good luck with your book signings and appearances.. It’s about time.!

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