Duck Jerseys Jump to $90

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EUGENE, Ore. — The new Duck uniforms were released Wednesday. The jerseys sold in stores are significantly more expensive than last season’s, but Duck store staff say customers don’t seem to mind.

A men’s jersey–whether it’s number 6, 24, or 20–all cost $90–that’s up from $60 last year. Looking at the two side by side, the Autzen Duck Store’s manager says you can see why they cost a little more this year, and you can feel the difference when you put them on.

“What I’ve noticed because I have had the women’s jerseys in years past, this one is very contoured, the fit feels really good to me, so I could tell it’s a higher end jersey than what we’ve had before,” said Christy Cameron, Autzen Duck Store Manager.

Sales show price hasn’t stopped customers from buying one, if not multiple colors.

We also had viewers ask where the jerseys are being made–and like a lot of Nike gear. The tags for these read “Made in Indonesia”.

Also new this year, is a fan guide. The Duck Store’s manager says people like to know ahead of time what color to wear to each game, and these handouts are the answer. They fold out into a season schedule with color codes next to each match-up. You can find them at all Duck Store locations.

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  1. Joey5Picks says:

    Anyone over 30 shouldn’t wear a football jersey to a game unless you’re playing.

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