Duck Mascot Visits Chemo Patients

May 14, 2012

By Lauren Mickler

EUGENE, Ore. — Chemo therapy and radiation are tough experiences to endure.

And after doing it himself, a patient at the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute brought in some reinforcements to cheer up his fellow cancer survivors.

Patients there got a very special visit Monday during their chemo appointments.

They didn’t expect the Oregon Duck to waltz into the waiting room, but they were happy to have the fuzzy fowl around.

The Duck’s visit came after one patient, who works at McKenzie by Sew On, mentioned the friendly staff and wonderful environment at the cancer institute to staff members he works with at The Duck Store.

“In a meeting, the treatment that people have received at WVCI came up and when the Duck caught wind of it, and he wanted to come by and see what all the great care was about, and see if he could do some encouraging,” said McKenzie by Sew On President Tyler Norman.

The Duck toured the chemo suite and sat with patients in the lobby while they waited for appointments, and just about everyone jumped in for a picture.

Staff and patients agreed no matter what age, Oregon fans are always excited to see the Duck.

The Duck could only stay for about an hour, but patients said that was plenty of time for him to brighten their day.

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