Duck My Truck Announces Winner

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Sun Automotive in Springfield announced who won its ‘Duck my Truck’ prize package, Monday.

Sun Automotive celebrated 35 years in business with 35 random acts of kindness. The 2nd annual ‘Duck my Truck’ giveaway kicked off the celebration and someone drove home with a new set of wheels.

Nearly 100 nominations were turned in to win a fully loaded 2000 Honda Odyssey, in a package worth $10,000.

“Finding some applicant that was just really worthy of needing it for himself and his family. Somebody who is giving back to the community. That’s the type of person we are looking for” said Mike Buckridge.

“It would help our family a lot” said finalist Ashley Raman.

Raman is the father of four with a daughter Chloe, 1, who is very sick.

“We always take her to Dorenbecker. So when we take our vehicle up there we always worried it might break down on the way.
Some of the family members are praying I’d somehow come up with a vehicle” Raman said.

What the Ramans didn’t realize was that no other finalist was there; the moment belonged to them.

“We are going to announce who the winner is…and it is Ashley Raman” said Mike Buckridge.

The Raman family was overwhelmed as Ashley received the keys to their new car. For Raman who said he’s never won anything before, his luck just changed.

“I felt joy coming from within just coming out. Yes, it was a very good feeling,” Raman said “It will help with the whole family. Getting kids everywhere and having a reliable car.”

Most importantly, safe transportation to take their daughter back and forth to the hospital..

Ashley and his family left with this car, the title and a coupon for an oil change. About the only thing left they will have to worry about is their next gas fill-up.

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