Duck Race Helps Womenspace’s “Parenting in Crisis” Program

EUGENE, Ore. — On Oct. 9, tens of thousands of rubber duckies will hit the Willamette River for the Great Rotary Duck Race Presented by First Tech Credit Union. Every duck represents money going to help local agencies working to prevent child abuse, including Womenspace. It will use money from the Duck Race to support its “Parenting in Crisis” program and to expand that service by offering the group in Spanish.

“The women who come through our agency are good parents,” says Womenspace executive director Peggy Whalen. “But they’re in crisis and they’re trying to figure out how to continue to parent their children well and they’re going through this tremendous issue with domestic violence. Their kids may be acting out. There may be a lot of different things going on and it’s a really stressful time.”

Womenspace has been commited to ending the cycle of violence in Lane County since 1977 and recognizes the direct connection between domestic violence and child abuse. The “Parenting in Crisis” group provides peer support and tools for coping with concerns that miay arise when there has been domestic violence in the home.

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