Ducks and Beavers Weigh In On Olympics

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The Ducks and Beavers first week of fall camp closes the same weekend as the London Olympics. Which events have they enjoyed?

“Today I was getting some work done while I was watching the ribbon events,” Oregon offensive lineman Nick Cody said, “I don’t know what they call that, but Will Ferrell in “Old School” if you’ve seen that.”

“Synchronized swimming. I was like ‘WHAT?!’ It was crazy what they were doing,” said Oregon State o-lineman Josh Andrews. We asked Andrews if he would ever do synchronized swimming with his fellow linemen. “Definitely not. I’m staying away from that. I’ll probably end up drowning or something.”

We figured we would play a hypothetical game, almost like an Olympic version of a fantasy football draft. If the players could choose one of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt or Ashton Eaton to add to their football team, who would they choose?

“Ashton Eaton. That guy is unbelievable,” said OSU wide receiver Obum Gwacham, “Just watching him compete. Ten events in two days? I mean, I do one [event] in one day and I’m worn out so you got to give him his props.”

“I’ll take Ashton [Eaton],” said Oregon offensive lineman Carson York, “Ashton is a Duck. And Ashton is a freak so we could move him around. I’ll take Ashton 100 percent.”

Oregon bias in that draft? Perhaps. Some could argue Bolt would be an unstoppable deep threat. Others would argue that Eaton’s overall athletic prowess makes him better suited for a football field. Don’t sleep on Michael Phelps; if a player would ever have to swim on a football field, it would probably be in Oregon rain. Food for thought.

Who would you pick?




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