Ducks Fans React to Basketball Transfers

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some changes to the basketball program at the University of Oregon, after some players announced transfers.

Players seeking transfers include Ben Carter, AJ Lapray and Dominic Artis.

But also earlier Monday, a university spokesman announced Damyean Dotson, Brandon Austin, and Dominic Artis are not participating in any team activities, which sparked concern from fans.

After another NCAA Tournament appearance, the University of Oregon men’s basketball team sparked hope in fans, but that quickly faded. Now fans say they’re worried about next season after three players “have been barred from team activities”.

“I thought we had a promising team this year, making it to the March madness tournament. So yeah, I’m definitely a little concerned as to who’s going to replace them,” said Ducks fan Chris Long.

ESPN reported Monday that Dominic Artis will transfer from Oregon, the third player to transfer from last season’s team. After Ben Carter and AJ Lapray decided not to return a month ago.

“It’s kind of weird seeing a lot of players wanting to leave. Since 2008, we started making the tournament regularly. So yeah, I’m not really sure why. It’s weird,” Long said.

The bulk of their worries, however, came after UO officials released a statement today saying:

“Dominic Artis, Brandon Austin, and Damyean Dotson are not currently participating in team activities.”

Officials wouldn’t elaborate further as to why.

“That’s not good. I guess I’m a little worried. There seems like there might be something internally going on then if there’s this much negative feelings toward the team,” said Ducks fan Nick Deale.

“If we lose Artis and Dotson, we’re in some trouble,” Deale said.

Fans believe the next step for the team now is to start working on filling the voids.

“I think number one, is keep the pieces they still have and make sure nobody else decides to transfer out and then just push hard recruiting. Just do what they normally do, which they’ve been good at in the past but definitely taking care of the guys that are still here,” Deale said.

“I think we have to find a big man, number one and then we have to replace Artis at the point guard position,” Long said.

Fans say they enjoyed watching this team play last season and don’t want to see the players transfer; but as students also, they understand the athletes are making the best decisions for themselves.

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