Ducks Fans Show Tailgating Creativity


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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s basically a national holiday in Eugene; kick off to the University of Oregon’s football season.

Before the game on Saturday, while players were warming up in Autzen Stadium, Duck fans were doing their own warm up outside the gates.

“We put a lot of effort into tailgating,” said Corey Proctor, a Portland resident.

Duck fans called it a tradition.

“There’s not a better environment for tailgating than Autzen Stadium,” said Steve Schneiderman from Coos Bay.

Fans weren’t kidding when they said they love the Ducks. The creative ways they partied proved it, like Proctor who drove his high-tech tailgating bus from Portland.

“We just take our card, beep it, and it pours you a nice little beer automatically,” said Proctor.

His bus also had an entertainment system that sat on what use to be a wheelchair lift. Then there was this duck mobile that was turning heads.

“It just flashes green and yellow everywhere so I like it,” said Zach Hochstein, a young Duck fan who admired the truck.

“This is a 1970 Ford Fire Engine and it was in service until about five years ago and I bought it out of surplus. It was red and white and I worked on it for about a year an a half, making it green and yellow,” said Schneiderman.

Being a life long Duck fan and former firefighter for 25 years, Schniederman said he took two passions and combined them.

“We added a lot of logos to it like, the Duck logo on the door, and we added a little tribute to Coos Bay fallen firefighters on the doors,” said Schneiderman.

He said when he was working on the truck, it was important to him to add a tribute to his friends.

“These were three great firefighters that I worked with in Coos Bay that lost their lives almost 11 years ago and we use this for more than tailgating,” said Schneiderman.

The truck will be making an appearance at a fallen firefighters foundation next week and of course, every Saturday to support the Ducks.

“Oh, yeah! This comes to all the games,” said Schneiderman.

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