Ducks Release More NCAA Documents

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon released more documents detailing correspondence between the University and the NCAA on Friday. The documents are in response to an open records request sent in late May. The school released all e-mail correspondence between the University of Oregon, its lawyers, and the NCAA between the months of March and May.

The e-mails are heavily redacted, and give very little information about the NCAA’s investigation into the Oregon football program. Of the 50 e-mails in the documents, 42 are completely redacted, and one is redacted entirely with the exception of just one sentence.

To view the documents released by Oregon, click here.

The e-mails seem to confirm that Oregon and the NCAA were working on a summary disposition process in April, but the actual documents of the summary disposition process are redacted.

In addition, only one e-mail gives any details into possible sanctions, and that is an e-mail between the NCAA Associate Director of Enforcement Steve Duffin and Mike Glazier, the attorney hired by Oregon to help them in the investigation. In that e-mail, Duffin writes – “I’m assuming the institution is cognizant that NCAA Bylaw MAY be applicable in this case based on the COI’s 6/23/04 Infractions Report concerning the institution.”

NCAA Bylaw states that : “An institution shall be considered a “repeat” violator if the Committee on Infractions finds that a major violation has occurred within five years of the starting date of a major penalty”. If a school is a repeat violator, they are subject to “enhanced major violation penalties.”

Oregon was placed on two-year probation on June 23, 2004 because of violations committed in the recruitment of J.J. Arrington.

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