Ducks’ Success Helps Business

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Ducks’ big win Saturday is sending the basketball team to the “Sweet Sixteen.”

The team’s continuing success is bringing strong sales to local businesses.

Ducks fans are used to the football team having postseason success, but it’s been six years since the basketball team made it this deep into the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

The team’s success is having a ripple effect on local businesses. Several local bars managers KEZI 9 News spoke with said it’s been standing room only during the Ducks’ tournament games.

The team’s wins can be felt on campus too. Managers at the Duck Store on campus say that basketball gear has been selling much faster than usual.

“Having the team winning like this is bringing a big boost to the store,” said a Duck Store employee.

Fans also say that the success of the basketball team is showing the country that Oregon’s more than just a football school.

Next up for the Ducks is the tournament’s top seeded team, Louisville.

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