Dutch Bros. Raises Money for MDA

Drink One for DaneEUGENE, Ore. — You can have that cup of coffee you always get and give back to your community Friday.

Dutch Bros. stands are donating their proceeds to the Muscular Dystrophy Association Friday for Drink One for Dane Day.

When the company’s co-founder, Dane Boersma, died in 2009 of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, it wanted to find a way to honor his memory.

Last year, they raised $271,000 in one day. The MDA says with no cure for the disease, they truly appreciate the money.

“MDA is the major supporter for raising funds for research. So to have this kind of a day, where all of the proceeds are going directly to ALS research is critical to our cause, our mission,” said Tammy Barry, MDA Executive Director.

This year’s goal is $300,000, and there’s still time to help. The fundraiser ends at midnight.

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