Dutch Bros. Supports Mr. Spartan

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — A local coffee chain kicked off its fundraiser to help out the Mr. Spartan pageant, a student-run fundraiser at Corvallis High School.

“Being a Mr. Spartan contestant, teaches you a lot, we did car washes, shaved our legs, ate weird things, did karaoke, anything to raise money,” said Brendon Gilbert, Corvallis Dutch Bros. manager and former Mr. Spartan contestant.

The money went to local community events and local causes, to make an impact. Eight years later, Gilbert got a chance to help again, at his coffee shop.

“Dutch Bros. comes to cities, we plant our roots here and we’re just one big family here in Corvallis,” Gilbert said.

Helping one another like family. That’s why for every water bottle sold at Gilbert’s store, a dollar will go to the Mr. Spartan pageant.

“The charities we’re benefiting this year are the Mario Pastega House, the Samaritan Regional Cancer Center and community outreach,” said Jaclyn Zalesky, Mr. Spartan student coordinator.

Students hope to raise $75,000 for the three local organizations, with the help of Dutch Bros. Their generosity is just another lesson in the importance of charity and what the Mr. Spartan pageant’s all about.

“Gives you an opp to give back to community at a young age and as I get ready to leave, give back where you’re from and part of.” said Matherin Langley, Mr. Spartan contestant.

For the next two weeks proceeds from every bottle of water sold will go to the Mr. Spartan group. Water bottles can be bought for $1.50 at any of the Dutch Bros. locations in Corvallis.

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