E-Coupon Company Helps Nonprofits

EUGENE, Ore. — A local e-coupon company launched Monday with hopes to rake in big bucks. But not to keep–to give to those in need.

If you buy a coupon through Givacause to go to a local restaurant or to get a massage, you then get to choose from five different nonprofts to give 10 percent of that money to. One of them is the Eugene Mission.

A couple years ago Givacause CEO John Romito saw a startling statistic about the lack of clean water for communities in developing countries.

Around the same time, he bought his first e-coupon.

He realized he could bridge the gap between funding important causes and supporting local businesses.

So 2 percent of every Givacause coupon goes to “water”, a nonprofit that brings clean and safe drinking water to vulnerable communities worldwide.

Then 10 percent goes to your choice of either KidSports, Hope Ranch, A Family For Every Child, Greenhill Humane Society or the Eugene Mission.

“(We) picked our local causes by causes that we felt had a need within the community and could use a little bit of money. And we are looking to expand that list as demand is needed,” Romito said.

The end goal is to go national.

Managers say the buzz of saving while giving through Givacause has already brought in around 1,000 members. They hope after the launch, Givacause will only continue to grow.

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