Early Storm Covers Waldport Homes With Sand

WALDPORT, Ore. — In Waldport, heavy winds mixed with a lot of sand caused a huge mess for some homeowners.

Residents along Oceania Drive have to deal with it every winter.

“How do you do, you just have to dig it out and dig it out and dig it out and dig it out and it’s over and over again,” said Carol Botelho.

But this year is different.

“Not in November, not in November, it’s never this early, not as bad as this,” said Botelho.

Carol Botelho and her husband have lived right in the center of the sand storms for 11 years.

But they say the storms normally don’t come around until January or February.

And they thought last year was the worst they’ve had, until now.

“Twice as bad for sure, my husband just said twice as bad, it is worse this year, it started earlier this year,” said Botelho.

Every year, about a dozen homes, mostly vacation rentals, end up almost completely covered in sand.

“We have sand piled up all the way around the whole entire house, from ground level up to our back porch,” said Botelho.

This is the first storm to hit this season there, but with wind gusts at almost 70 miles per hour, the sand is already starting to pile up.

“This one is above and beyond, and it’s just the first one of the season, so we’re in for a doozy,” said Botelho.

Carol and her husband are pretty much forced to stay inside all day, but for some, like the mailman, it’s a different story.

“The mail must go through but there’s no sense to bring it back out tomorrow so I usually get out and put it in the mailbox,” said Nicolas Villarreal, US Mail contractor.

And just down the street, homeowners say they chose their area, out of the sand zone, for a reason.

“Constant struggle for them, their garage doors collapse, their walls and roofs are sandblasted off,” said Sahnow.

Some Bayshore homeowners say they expect it to get much worse throughout the winter.

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