East Coast Beavers Keep Eyes on Sandy

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Most of us on the West Coast are experiencing Superstorm Sandy through the video and pictures. But there are many people here who are getting first-hand accounts from their families.

Football and basketball practices continue at Oregon State even though many players’ and coaches’ minds are elsewhere as Sandy hits their home towns.

Beaver football coaches Mark Banker and Mike Cavanaugh have had a busy season already, but their fall got even more hectic when Sandy blew into their hometowns.

“A bunch of family in New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, all over, so obviously my family was pretty concerned,” Coach Cav said.

“It looked pretty surreal from where I was sitting, but at the same time I’m sure people were a lot more concerned being there first hand,” Banker said.

Both coaches’ entire families all still live on the East Coast, and so does Devon Collier’s family. The OSU forward has been keeping a close eye on his friends and family in New York.

“There’s no school going on, no subways running,” Collier said.

Luckily Collier’s family lives in the Bronx. He says they’re at a higher elevation than Manhattan, but so far no East Coast city has been able to avoid even minor effects of Sandy.

With both seasons in full swing, all the east coasters can do is watch and pray everyone stays safe.

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