Economic Possibilities in Corvallis

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — A push for economic development in Corvallis is creating new jobs, thanks to city and county services available to businesses at no cost.

Business owners wanting to grow may feel intimidated by the amount of paperwork and energy that is involved in the expansion process, but the Corvallis Economic Development Office is available to help. The group launched a website last week, promoting a Corvallis that would: “Innovate. Grow. Thrive.”

The Economic Development Office, located in the City Hall, helps start-ups and current businesses expand or re-locate by collaborating with a multitude of resources.

“We can start businesses, we can grow businesses, we can thrive,” said Corvallis Economic Development Manager Tom Nelson.

The City of Corvallis offers tax abatements for company expansions in certain areas where it would like to continue to develop.

“The three areas are: the Airport Industrial Park out south, the Sunset Research Park, and also around the Hewlett Packard Campus,” Nelson said.

One company, Gerding Builders, expanded its business at the Airport Industrial Park a few years ago.

“With the savings from the tax abatements, we were able to build more space for expansion,” said Tom Gerding, owner and president of the company.

And that they did. Gerding says since the expansion, the number of employees at the Corvallis headquarters has doubled, as has its revenue.

“It’s really been a success for us – relocating here and expanding,” Gerding said. “And the Economic Development Group played a key part in us being able to make that happen.”

Gerding says he encourages other companies thinking about expanding to contact the Economic Development Office. He says the tax incentives to expand help boost the economy, because it means more jobs within the community.

“Whether it’s somebody adding one employee or somebody adding ten employees or somebody adding fifty employees – every job is critical to economic growth within our community,” Gerding said.

The Corvallis Economic Development Office says anyone with questions is more than welcome to visit its website by clicking here.

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