Egan Warming Center Makes Changes

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EUGENE, Ore. — It will be another cold night Friday and volunteers at the Egan Warming Centers are working to make sure the homeless population won’t be left out on the streets.

The group missed out on a below-freezing night last week.

Egan Warming Center coordinators and volunteers say they feel horrible about missing out on the cold night last week. And they want folks to know that their mistake isn’t being overlooked.

The Egan Warming Center website recently made a slight change to their main page. Organizers have now listed out their forecast sources and temperatures to show the community exactly what they’re looking for, as well as allow their volunteers to be better prepared to be called out. After questions arose surrounding their decision to stay closed last week on a night with below freezing temperatures, they wanted to improve the process by trying to be more transparent.

“When you miss and we do miss as you know. We want to let people know why we miss rather than some mysterious process. So just by being clear and open, I think it answers questions before the questions are even asked,” said Terry McDonald, St. Vincent de Paul Executive Director.

The program has also now gone from 48-hour notification to 24 hours. Coordinators hope these changes show the community and espeically those they’re helping that their suffering last week wasn’t in vain. They also hope that these changes will prevent it all from happening again.

The Egan Warming Centers will be open Friday night and volunteers are already on standby for Saturday and Sunday. Folks should be let in around 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.

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  1. Robert Wagoner says:

    I am a suppoter of St Vincent de Paul, I think what they do for the community is great.
    I worked at SVDP for almost 6 years, I enjoyed my job and helping the homeless out as much as possible. People would come into the store asking for help all the time if I could I would help them even if I had to go into my own pockets to do it. From shoes ,socks,pants and shirts I have helped people purchase items from the store there even was a time a man needed a greyhound bus ticket me and another employee put together enough money to buy his ticket to Sacramento,CA. and for food for his travel.

    I was told by a coworker that a very large man was coming into the store and stealing a lot of candy she told me he had cursed her out the last time she saw him, she had removed the basket of candy when he came into the store.On 11/1/2012 my coworker was out of the store on a break i was the only employee in the store at the time. I had walked to the back room to put a donation away, walked back onto the sales floor I saw him stuffing his pockets with candy so I walked to the front door where he was headed I told him to put the merchandise back he said NO, again I asked him please put the candy back again he said NO and walked out the door. I stepped out the door and got in front of him and told him you can’t steal he said YOU CAN”T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT as he pushed towards me . He was a large guy 6′ 8″ 240lbs I told him again you can’t steal don’t come into this store again and steal. A neighbor from the apartment building stepped between the man and myself and said to me I don’t want to lose you Robert just let him go. The man walked by me and then Mike a investigator from the public defenders office walked up and asked me what was wrong i told him the guy had just stole from the store. Just then a motorcycle cop rides up and we wave him down. and explain what happened. The EPD officer got the guy ! block away with what he stole gave him a citation for theft 3

    The following day i was terminated from my job. Stores Director said to me” how would it look in the Register Guard if we prosecuted a homeless man for stealing candy” ….
    So I lost my job after almost 6 years. I file for unemployment and have to wait a month before the State said I could recieive it. Stressed me out . but at least I got it I was able to pay my rent . So I’m applying for jobs application after application after application ..yes I must put on every application that i was TERMINATED from my previous employer.. But wait St. Vincent de Paul is fighting the unemployment ..so the stress and uneasy feeling is hard to deal with. So I have a phone hearing on 1/17/2013 with the State of Oregon. I have gathered all the information from the City prosecuters and the witnesses that saw what had happened that day.Mike Jones the Investigator with public defenders and Preston Johns.the neighbor from upstairs.

    So if I lose this hearing I lose my unemployment and must payback what I have been receiving . STRESS you know it.. Yes I have some possibilitys of going back to work I’ve had some interviews. The STRESS of this and the possibility of becoming homeless is hard to deal with. So from helping the homeless to stopping a homeless shoplifter to the possiblity of becoming homeless because of this is …News

    I just want to go back to work and not have to stress out. I”m Praying..Please pray for me.

    Thank You, Robert

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