Egan Warming Centers Not Opening

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Cottage Grove warming center is opening tonight and tomorrow night but the director of the Egan Warming Center says those will not be opening this week.

When it comes to the decision to open or not open, director, Doug Bales, says it comes down to the many weather sources they use. The centers activate if the overnight temperatures drop below 30 degrees.

Bales says if all the sources agree the overnight temperatures will be 30 degrees or lower, they will open.

The current sources Bales says they compare have been used for the past six years and often times they’ve all matched up.

According to Bales, the temperatures in downtown Eugene are different from the airport, where he says the National Weather Service is forecasting.

“It’s all about the forecast and we watch them all day, everyday. There’s probably six to eight of us on the Egan team that are watching our weather constantly. If it stays the same as it was yesterday, we’ll go on standby for Friday tonight and that looks like a possibility at this point,” said Bales.

He also says they’ve also installed a weather system at the First Christian Church in downtown Eugene to help them see the real time temperatures.

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