Egan Warming Centers to Open Wednesday

EUGENE, Ore. — It looks like we’re about to see some of the coldest nights of the season so far this year.

And, the Egan Warming Centers are gearing up to help keep people out of the cold. The centers are activate when temperatures dip below 30 degrees.

Starting Tuesday night through Sunday below freezing temperatures are predicted. The centers will be on standby for Thursday and Friday, but given the forecast it’s likely they will be open.

St. Vincent de Paul, which runs the centers, says a lot of love and volunteer hours go into running these centers. Volunteers have been taking classes in preparation of this first opening.

Last year, the centers were open 15 nights and sheltered 926 people–713 men and 204 woman. One hundred and nineteen of those were veterans.

“It gives people an opportunity that wouldn’t normally have a safe and warm environment to come in out of the cold, and we got a lot of homeless people. We deal with hundreds of people at the service station that are in need or camping out,” said Keith Heath, St. Vincent de Paul Service Center Manager.

Managers say they just ask that people behave themselves when they come to stay.

The center is still in need of morning and overnight volunteers, and they’re always looking for donations like blankets, sleeping bags, basically stuff that gets you ready for winter.

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