Elderly Couple Hit in Serious Condition

EUGENE, Ore. — An elderly couple is in serious but stable condition, after they were hit by a car while walking to an Em’s baseball game last night. 85-year-old Elaine Stewart and her husband, 90-year-old Charles Stewart of Eugene, were crossing M-L-K Boulevard with a couple of friends when they were struck by a driver heading westbound. A doctor who happened to be near, and dozens of parking volunteers rushed to help before paramedics arrived. Friends say the two have been long-time members of the Eugene Masonic community.

“They come to every baseball game and you know they’re just really nice people, so it kinda hits you hard when it’s one of your own people. It’s kinda woken us all up to the potential of what can happen around here,” said Ronald Jay Lasalle, an acquaintance of the couple who witnessed the crash.

Members of the Masonic Lodge say the couple is out of the intensive care unit and has regained consciousness. Elaine  is suffering from internal bleeding of the brain. E-P-D says no arrests have been made. Witnesses report the sun was shining bright into westbound traffic, which could have caused the crash.

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