Elderly Woman Dies in Springfield Crash

springfield fatalSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — An elderly woman was killed in a car crash in Springfield Sunday morning. Police say the woman is Virginia Mayfield, 74, of Springfield.

Officers say Robert Mayfield, 75, was driving the car and Virginia was his passenger. Police say Tayla Biehler, 32, from Eugene ran a red light at Centennial and Pioneer Parkway. Her mini van crashed into the Mayfield’s car.

“It was a t-bone,” said Sgt. Mike McCarthy. “The little red car was westbound on Centennial. The silver van was southbound on Pioneer Parkway and one of them went through the red light and tagged the other one.”

Both drivers went to the hospital and were treated for non-life threatening injuries.


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  1. RJ says:

    Too old to drive. When will the DMV take responsibility for this kind of crap and do their jobs. How many people have to die or be maimed?

    1. GS says:

      To old to drive? what a comment when he & his wife were the victims in this incident.

    2. joe says:

      why do you feel this was the older couples fault did you not read the story 32 year ran red light not 72 year get a pair of glasses before commenting

    3. John says:


      Although I don’t disagree that many times the age of the drive is a significant reason for the cause of an accident, unless i’m reading this incorrectly age wasn’t to blame.

      The 32 year old ran a red light and TBoned the older couple. Can’t blame their age on that.

    4. Michelle Lind says:

      If you read the article correctly, you would have noted that the 32 yr old was at fault. She ran a red light. Not sure why you feel the driver who is abiding by the traffic laws and proceeding trough a green light is at fault. You clearly needed a sounding board for your opinion but this shouldn’t be it.

  2. Shelly Taylor says:

    This is very sad. There are so many accidents on this stretch of road. This poor elderly man has now has to bury his wife. People, please slow down and think of others on the road. It only takes a second and your life will never be the same. Is it really worth it to try to get somewhere just a little sooner? You will not get to your destination sooner if you get in an accident. You may kill someone or yourself. Put your cell phones down, stop texting and driving, no conversation is worth a life. SLOW DOWN, PAY ATTENTION. You can’t undo it once it is done.

  3. KZ says:

    If you read the article it says the minivan ran the read light, but further down in the article it says one of them did. So the article isn’t clear. Could have been the elderly man’s fault.

  4. one true says:

    WOW. What do you guys do if the article is longer than one paragraph?
    They know the younger driver ran the red light. When the police make a statement at the scene they are not allowed to assume they know who is at fault. It hasn’t been investigated and gone to court yet.
    RJ, stay in school. When you get to Drivers Ed this stuff will make more sense to you.

  5. Oregonnative says:

    One of the worst parts about this horrible accident is the woman who was killed was one of the sweetest, kindest people you would ever be lucky enough to know. One of those rare people who you hear about, and hope, are in this world, but seldom have a chance to be in your life. I taught alongside Virginia for many years; she made a difference in the lives of so many children. #luckytohaveknownher

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