Electronic Proof of Insurance Now Legal

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon drivers can now show electronic proof of insurance if police pull them over.

A new law signed by Governor John Kitzhaber allows drivers to show proof of insurance on smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. People can still use traditional paper cards if they prefer, but backers of the new law hope that it will be more convenient for motorists who don’t carry the cards with them.

“This will be handy for drivers who forget to put an updated paper card in their car or wallet,” said Ron Fredrickson of the Oregon Insurance Division Consumer Advocacy Unit.

Drivers are still responsible for making sure their insurance information is current and keeping it with them in the vehicle; this means that motorists who use electronic proof of insurance will need to keep their mobile device charged. Failure to carry proof of insurance can be punishable by a $260 fine. The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services also points out that using a mobile device to provide proof of insurance does not give police officers the right to search the device for additional information.

Fredrickson also encourages drivers to check with the laws in other states before traveling outside of Oregon.

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