Embezzlement Investigation Continues

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Cottage Grove is meticulously going through its records as it continues to investigate an alleged embezzlement.

The city says a forensic auditing team is looking at every financial transaction. Then they’re comparing computer data with paper receipts and other documents.

Investigators still haven’t released the name of the person accused of stealing the money.

There’s no time table on how long the investigation could last, but the city is looking to buy new financial software later this year.


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  1. Laura Weil Noppenberger says:

    How do you know it’s a man? I ask because if you look at long term embezzlement cases like this almost all of the individuals responsible are actually women. The previous press conference was very careful to say He/She. Why have you gravitated towards a male? Just curious.

    1. Sandra G says:

      I agree with Laura. Anyone that lives in CG knows its a woman. The whole town knows who works for the city and who no longer does. But when is this person going to be arrested? They are getting away with it so far. And that is wrong!

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