Emeralds Season Starts Friday

EUGENE, Ore. — Minor League baseball gets started in Eugene Friday and the Emeralds are getting ready to open their season.

The Em’s season kicks off Friday at 7:05 p.m. and opening weekend tickets are already selling out.

Since the Ducks lost in their regional last week, the Ems staff has been transforming PK Park into their home for the summer. Staff works to get fans set with tickets and the players ready for the season, even though they don’t arrive until Wednesday.

“We’re going to have a lunch set up for them at the Valley River Inn. Gabbie wants to have practice right after, so they’ll be here practicing from about four o’clock to ten o’clock tomorrow night, so it’s go time, it’s go time for the guys,” said Allan Benavides, Emeralds General Manager.

It’s what the Ems call crunch time, for the staff, the team and the fans who still want tickets for opening weekend.

There are a couple hundred seats left for Friday and Father’s Day, but Saturday is sold out.

For more information on the Eugene Emeralds or to purchase tickets, click here.

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