Employers Looking for Seasonal Workers

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EUGENE, Ore. — Mark Jackson works part-time as a sign holder for Bob’s Donuts and Deli, and it’s a job he says he’s passionate about.

“The great thing about my job is this: when it’s not cold and rainy and crazy out, I get to spend three hours a day making people laugh,” says Jackson.

But holding the sign for Bob’s Donuts is only part-time, so Jackson went looking for work for the fall season.

“The weird thing is that Express Employment just came out and said they’re looking for a sign holder on Highway 99, can you do it?” says Jackson, who took the job.

He isn’t alone; temp agencies like Express Employment in Eugene say they’ve been slammed during the last month with people looking for seasonal work. Spokesman Andrew Simioa says the agency is normally pretty steady in terms of people it sees looking for work, but lately, they’ve been scheduling between 30 and 40 interviews per week, and a lot of the open work is seasonal.

“This is preparation to be ready for when every business is busy,” says Simioa, who points out that a lot of the production that goes into making holiday merchandise begins now.

The employment office also says construction, landscaping and agriculture jobs continue in the fall, so there are more seasonal job openings in those industries as well. It’s good news for people like Jackson, who’s hoping one of these opportunities helps land him a full-time job.

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