Ems Get Park Ready for Season Opener

EUGENE, Ore. — The Ducks being in the baseball playoffs had the Ems sitting on the edge of their seats before the start of their season.

Now that the Ducks are out of the running, it’s time for the Ems to get PK Park prepped and ready.

It’s a process that usually takes them three weeks.

“This year we’ve had about three days. Starting today we have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with opening day on Friday to get everything changed, all the signage, all of our concessions equipment in, all of our promotions ready. So it’s kind of a breakneck pace right now,” said Marketing Director Matt Dompe.

Crews must put up sponsorship signage all over the park, including the outfield walls, concourse and bathrooms.

Tuesday, 18 people are working furiously to get as much done as they can.

The Ems’ season opener is this Friday at 7:05 p.m. at PK Park.

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