EmX Bus and SUV Crash on Franklin Blvd.

EUGENE, Ore. — An EmX bus and an SUV collided near the University of Oregon Friday afternoon.

No one was seriously hurt, but the crash did cause some confusion. The accident happened at the intersection of Franklin Blvd. and Onyx St.

EPD and LTD are looking into who may have caused the crash, but at this point it seems to be a misunderstanding on the SUV driver’s part.

The driver of the SUV says he was trying to make a u-turn on Franklin. He says he thought the light turned green letting him know he could turn, but that may have been the light for the bus. So the EmX bus driver saw the SUV turning and it veered across the intersection. That’s when the collision happened.

No one was injured, but the bus was full so all of the passengers had to get off and wait for a new bus.

“He had articulated a split bus, so the whole thing just went around the corner going the other direction and there was no cars there,” said SUV driver Stephen Brandonburger, SUV driver.

“I saw the car hit it and I was frightened but I didn’t feel anything so it’s relieving to know I am actually safe in the city buses,” EmX bus rider Noah Matthew-McCleod.

As EPD investigated this crash, another car crashed into the back of another car at the same intersection. No one was injured in that crash.

LTD’s buses all have cameras on the front of them and investigators will use those to help determine what happened.


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  1. lynda says:

    since i ride the emx every day, I can tell you that most of the emx drivers think they are on a speedway, they drive like bats out of hell, and woe to anyone who gets in their way

    1. anonymous says:

      not true—emx buses have their own speed limit inside that guideway. out side of the guide way, they do observe the posted speed, which in most places is posted at 35 to 45 mph, and 20 to 30 in the 2 downtown areas.

    2. JD says:

      EmX is a RAPID transit system not a slow boat to china!! Four wheel drivers and pedestrians need to respect public transit because they cant stop as fast as you think and cant always see other drivers or pedestrians because of the size of their equipment and the level of lighting they are dealing with!!

      1. One segment will not be BRT... says:

        The West Eugene EmX will only be 1 or 2 minutes faster than traditionally service. This is according to Jarrett Walker, LTD’s hired consultant. Many proponents of this segment will be disappointed. The flawed design will take the “RAPID” out of BRT, there just isn’t the room for more than 15% dedicated lanes. That’s all the BRT lanes this route will feature, at an increased expense of $1.2+ million per year.

  2. LTD's confusing design says:

    Franklin Blvd should be, or should have been, an easy route. Just wait for the West Eugene route, it will create havoc for everybody. Less than 15% will be in bus only lanes, the remained will be a cobbled patch-work of “shared” and mixed traffic lanes, in ten different sections. That means the EmX monster will transition in or out of traffic 20 times per round trip! What a traffic mess, prone to accidents.

    Safety was one of the major reasons why FHWA and ODOT widened 6th and 7th Avenues to fours lanes in 1984. Now, LTD wants to return two sections of the corridor back, 27 years, to the old 3-lane configuration. Watch what happens as the 60 foot articulating monster flies through West Eugene, like a bat out of hell, every ten minutes.

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