Endangered Bird Found at Hakki Ridge

Photo Courtesy of CRFW

Photo Courtesy of CRFW

NORTH BEND, Ore. — Coast Range Forest Watch surveyors observed marbled murrelets, an endangered seabirds, in east Hakki Ridge last week.

The Oregon’s Department of State Lands recently auctioned off the east Hakki Ridge for privatization. The highest bid was submitted by Seneca Jones Timber Company. Seneca Jones has publicly stated that they intend to clear cut east Hakki, but marbled murrelets are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act, and any logging operations in occupied habitat would be illegal.

“Multiple surveyors observed occupied behavior on consecutive days. This is a sure sign marbled murrelets are using the area for breeding and nesting,” said Amanda St. Martin, CRFW Marbled Murrelet Observer.

Several conservation groups are challenging the state’s sale of east Hakki in a lawsuit.

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