EPD Negotiates with Barricaded Subject

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EUGENE, Ore. — A man is in custody after he barricaded himself in an apartment complex in downtown Eugene.

Police quickly closed off part of downtown Thursday night after learning the suspect, 36 year-old Kevin Eckhardt barricaded himself in the 1300 block of Charnelton.

Police shut down 13th Avenue from Lincoln to Willamette and Charnelton from 12th to 13th.

Several hours of tense negotiations left residents waiting to get back to their homes.

Armed police officers crouched down outside the apartments attempting to ask the man to come outside.

Eckhardt talked to police through a window.

An EPD spokeswoman says they had probable cause for felony charges.

They activated the Community Emergency Notification System to let people know of what was going on in the area.

For those who live in the area it was a chaotic scene especially for one woman who lives in the apartment complex.

“I heard banging and I went outside to see what was wrong. I saw my neighbors door halfway broken,” said Eugene resident, Charlotte Curtis.

“We drove on in it. When we came on we were just like we were able to enter the building. And that’s when we were able to find out a lot about what was going on. So that was the beginning that was when it was about fivehours ago,” said Eugene resident, Ivory Irene.

One woman was arrested for breaching the line and t’s unknown if the woman has a connection to the suspect.

The child who was with Eckhardt is safe.

Eckardt is facing burglary and assault charges.

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