EPD Briefs Company on Solicitation Laws

EUGENE, Ore. — A company accused of aggressive door-to-door sales teams has contacted Eugene police.

The Eugene Police Department says it has talked to representatives from one of the companies accused of aggressive sales techniques.

Friday, representatives from Kal-Care Enterprises–a company that sells cleaning products–voluntarily showed up at the police department, where they were briefed on the requirements and regulations of door-to-door sales.

Several homeowners across Eugene had reported being approached by aggressive solicitors that pushed their way into homes or were overly forceful.

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  1. SJ says:

    We had this woman come to our home twice in the last month. The first time it took my husband a good five minutes to get her to leave. Last week she showed up and had her back to the door so when I peeked I wrongly thought it was a neighbor. She was extremely pushy. U explained I had the flu and she said that was ok, she had gotten her flu shot. I said it wasn’t her I was worried about but myself I didn’t want to stand there trying to get her to leave. She offered to come in and use a Kirby to clean my floors and asked if I needed anything else done since I was sick. I had to physically block my door with one foot to keep her from coming in. All the while, she kept looking off to the corner of my house which made me think someone else was with her. I finally just closed the door while she was mid sentence and double locked it then walked through the house making sure all doors were double locked and closed the blinds. Because I knew she had been here before and because she kept trying to force her way in and looking over my shoulder trying to see inside my house, she really creeper out. Which left me with the flu and now scared to rest worried about her true intentions. And me worried about ny child walking home from school with people canvassing the neighborhood so aggressively.

    What should people do when some one like this comes to the door? Do we call it in? I relearned.my lesson of always asking before I unlock and open the door. I guess if I asked her through the door who she was, I could have refused her without opening. I know that feels rude but at least its safe.

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