EPD Busts Suspected Robber

EUGENE, Ore. — A suspected robber who allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly woman was arrested in Tennessee four months after committing the crime in Eugene.

Investigators say DNA evidence connected Jackson Harpol to the scene, but it took the help of U.S. marshals to track Harpol down.

Eugene detectives flew out and interviewed the suspect. They say he was just passing through Eugene when he allegedly broke into a home off Cal Young Road, sexually assaulted the elderly woman who lived there and stole her car.

“From time to time people commit crimes and they do anywhere else in the United States, so it happens. I can tell you she was happy when I called her to let her know that he was in custody,” said Ben Hall, Eugene police detective.

Investigators found the woman’s stolen car up in Portland a few days after the crime.

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