EPD Does Emergency Vehicle Training

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — We all watch the car chases in movies with intrigue, but for law enforcement officer, that can quickly become the real deal for them.

Because officers spend so much time in their vehicles, trainings like one that happened Wednesday are crucial. We rode along in some of these vehicles as they trained.

Eugene Police Department officers used the Corvallis runway for emergency vehicle training.

Officers say they can push it to the limits out there, and when the car spins or slide out, they know that’s how far they can take it in a real chase.

We also experienced driving at high speeds. The key is shuffle steering and focusing far ahead. Hitting a cone equals a crash.

“So if an officer can maintain 100 percent of control 100 percent of the time, then everybody–the police, the city, the citizens–are all better off,” said EPD Officer John Risko.

Officers say at some point in their careers they are likely to be involved in a high speed chase and its training’s like this that help them gauge their limitations in order to continue to protect the public.

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