EPD Evaluates Safety at Homeless Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police say they’re re-evaluating safety at the Whoville homeless camp after a fight landed one man in jail Friday.

Police say they were dispatched for a stabbing. Officers found a camper detaining Robert Wright. Police say witnesses say some of the campers became offended by Wright’s swastika tattoo and attempted to kick him out of the camp. That’s when the fight began.

EPD says Wright nicked a man’s hand with a screwdriver and kicked him in the chest. He was booked on harrassment, disorderly conduct, and interfering with police.

The jail says Wright was released from jail Monday.

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  1. Vern says:

    So where are all the homeless ones from?? Are they local?? I’m sure we could take care of the local one’s but not all the one’s from somewhere far away.

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