EPD Inspects Trucks on the Beltline

Still0811_00000EUGENE, Ore. — Truck drivers pulled off the Beltline Monday to get their trucks inspected. Eugene Police officers spent the afternoon checking each and every commercial truck passing through the area near Beltline and West 11th.

Police do the inspections about four times a year with money from a grant. Officers look at tires and brake lights to make sure they’re all working.

The say there’s really no better place to do the inspections than on the Beltine. “Well there’s a lot of truck traffic and it’s an area that we can pull trucks off and do inspections in a safe area for the trucks and also for our officers,” said Sgt. Ron Tinseth.

He said many trucks that travel locally don’t get checked often, so this is a good opportunity to make sure everyone is safe out on the roads.

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