EPD Investigating Possible Hate Crime

SWASTICAEUGENE, Ore. — Nearly¬†a dozen swastikas showed up on mailboxes near the University of Oregon Monday, now Eugene Police are looking into the hate symbols.

The mailboxes are opposite the AEPi Fraternity, a national Jewish fraternity.

In a statement, the Eugene Human Rights Commissioner Phil Carrascao said, “The City of Eugene Human Rights Commission strongly condemns these types of hateful actions. This symbol comes from a place of hate and is used to promote hate. Our City of Eugene and its Human Rights Commission will not condone it.”

As of late Monday night, Eugene police say they were still looking into the situation.


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  1. Susan says:

    While hate crime needs to be stopped, the more attention you give it by showing their work, the more it will gratify them and intensify that work. Reporting is necessary. Showing the victim clearing the markings sends a more powerful message that not only is this not tolerated, but will be eradicated. I personally use Goof Off for graffiti, which works well on metal boxes like this. USPS tends to use gray paint, which doesn’t look as good. Keeping in mind what
    the goal of reporting it is keeps the camera focused on what will be done about it, instead of “look what they did”.

    1. Janet says:

      Susan is absolutely correct. Reporting is supposed to show both sides of the story but too many times we hear only the negatives. It would be great to show people taking action together to remove the negatives that are forced upon us all.

  2. Al says:

    Why is this considered a hate crime. The sign was used by The Navajo hundreds of years before Germany

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