EPD Looks for Quizno’s Robbery Suspect


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EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene Police say it’s still investigating a robbery at the Quizno’s on Commerce Street. Businesses around the area say although they’re a bit shaken up, they’re not shocked.

EPD says the robbery took place around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, when a man entered the sandwich shop and demanded money from the employee.

Nearby businesses say this isn’t the first time a crime like this has happened in the area.

“A little on edge,” said Jim Westcott, UPS Store Owner.

Westcott has spent the last eight years running his UPS Store. He says he closes up shop around 6 p.m. on weekdays and last night, he closed up just in time.

“At about 6:30 p.m. an employee from Quizno’s called in reporting that a robbery had just occurred,” said Lt. Carolyn Mason, Eugene Police Department.

Police say they don’t believe the suspect used a weapon, but that still didn’t stop him.

“The victim actually told us the suspect entered the store, asked to exchange some change for a quarter at which point she reached into the register, the suspect demanded all the money,” Lt. Mason said.

“We’re a little shaken because it’s a little close to home,” Westcott said

Westcott says businesses up and down west 11th Avenue have been victims to this sort of crime before.

“Our store, personally, has been broken into twice over the last two years and we’ve hardened the store to make it more difficult; but when it comes to someone coming in to rob you, you’re at the mercy of the robber,” Westcott said.

Since then, Westcott has taken measures to improve the security of his store. He says when businesses hear of incidents like this, it adds to their insecurity, but he’s determined to just keep going.

“We just know that when someone walks in this could happen, but you can’t change your life completely. We have business to conduct and we have to trust that most of the people that come in are customers and not trying to rob us,” Westcott said.

EPD describes the suspect as a white male that’s approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs about 180 pounds, has sandy blonde hair and a goatee. Investigators believe he boarded an LTD bus and headed southbound on Commerce Street.

Anyone with information should call Eugene police at (541) 682-5111.

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