EPD Reminds to Click It Or Ticket

EUGENE, Ore. – The Eugene Police Department kicked off its annual Click It Or Ticket campaign.

The campaign’s part of a nationwide effort to reduce the number of traffic deaths and injuries resulting from not wearing a seat belt.

Last year in Oregon, 61 people died in crashes who were not wearing their seat belts.

Eugene police say the seat belt law has been in place for a while, but people still act like it’s no big deal.

“But what happens is people just tend to get lazy cause I’m just going to go a short ways, I’m just going from the market to this. They just figure ‘well I’ll be safe’. When statistically most of the accidents happen within a mile of your residence,” said Sgt. Jim Ball, Eugene Police Department.

Wearing a seat belt can reduce the risk of injury by at least 70 percent. The campaign runs until June 2.


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  1. Postone says:

    Its not anyone’s business if I wear a seatbelt or not! It’s especially not law enforcements business!

    1. don jones says:

      you are right, it is your business to pay the fines. no one cares. i don’t

      as long as you don’t expect free health care when you get injured in an accident of your own doing.

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