EPD Reports 31 Cars Stolen in Two Weeks

EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene Police say car thefts are on the rise in the area.

EPD says the numbers of stolen cars are up 4.4 percent from January through July of this year to last. Police say in the last two weeks there have been 31 cars thefts.

Investigators say the best thing to do as a car owner is to invest in a steering wheel lock.

β€œIt would take a lot of work and a loud tool to violate this and they’re not going to bother with that they’re going to go to the car parked next to it that is unsecured,” said Sgt. Lisa Barrong, Eugene Police Crime Prevention.

Sgt. Barrong says car thefts are a growing problem across the entire city, but the Bethel, Barger and Highway 99 areas were the hardest hit.

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