EPD Responds to UO Statements

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police are reacting to one specific remark made by University of Oregon president Michael Gottfredson, that the UO was instructed to halt their investigation, which included suspending players or not playing them in a game.

“We cooperated completely with law enforcement. The Eugene Police Department requested we not do anything that might hinder their criminal investigation, including suspending players or not playing them in a game,” Gottfredson said.

The alleged sexual assault happened before the NCAA Tournament.

EPD spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin says when police were assigned the case on March 14, the Violent Crimes Unit detective in charge of the case instructed UO to wait on their investigation so they didn’t hinder the criminal investigation. She says that’s a common practice.

McLaughlin noted that the detective never said anything specific about not playing players and police kept the UO up to date with their criminal investigation.

Once their investigation was complete on April 8, they sent a report to the Lane County District Attorney’s office for review and the university was notified.

Once the DA decided to not pursue the case on April 14, university leaders could conduct their own investigation.

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