EPD Reveals New Patrol Cars

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new line of police patrol vehicles is set to take the streets of Eugene in just a few months. The Eugene Police Department says with the purchase of 23 new vehicles, it will save the department 35 percent in fuel.

When officers drive the new Ford Interceptor SUV, it’s not about comfort as much as it is about fuel efficiency. The police department has been driving Ford Crown Victorias since the ’90s, but they only got eight miles to the gallon.

One Ford stopped making the Crown Victoria model 2011, EPD began looking at other options. Interceptors get almost 11 and a half miles to the gallon.

EPD looked at five different models before they chose the Interceptor, but surprisingly it was the most fuel efficient for the amount of space they’re looking for.

“Our fleet services would love for us to drive Priuses; if we could fit everything we need in them it would be great, but they’re just too small,” said Sgt. Angie San Miguel, Eugene Police Spokeswoman.

Officers ranked the Interceptor high in many categories including rear storage capacity, space for electronics and ease of exiting.

EPD says the Interceptor SUVs have been lowered to pursuit standards. Officers say the interceptors will help with space issues so they can add printers in the cars.

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