EPD Searches for Identity Theft Suspect

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are on the lookout for an identity theft suspect.

They aren’t releasing the woman’s name as of now. Officers say they saw her inside her parent’s home, but when they tried luring her outside, she wouldn’t follow.

When her dad came home, he gave officers permission to enter, but the suspect was gone.

“We’ll continue to try to locate her. They’ve got her cell phone number and will continue to try to get a hold of her. They’ve talked to her multiple times on the phone. It’s just a matter of tracking her down and figuring out where she’s at and going from there,” said Sgt. Shawn March, Eugene Police Department.

EPD has been searching for the woman for a few days. They say she’s not dangerous.

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  1. don jones says:

    she is at VRC

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