EPD Shares Crime Prevention Tips

EUGENE, Ore. — Three times a year there is a noticeable increase in crime around the University of Oregon. One of those times is now as UO students head back to class.

The Eugene Police Department is trying to change that statistic.

EPD spent Tuesday off Kinsrow Avenue going door to door spreading the word about safety.

The return of university students brings new targets for thieves. So to educate the new residents, EPD set up an information booth on how not to be a target.

EPD says there are three major crimes to look out for: Car break-ins, home break-ins and stolen vehicles. But they say preventing crime is simple.

“When it comes to the home break-ins, most of the time it’s something unsecured: an unlocked door an open window. Car break-ins, its the same thing we have to tell everyone in the community, it’s leaving the car empty,” said Sgt. Lisa Barrong.

EPD started the crime prevention project in 2009. Positive results have already started to show.

“Every time without fail that we’ve done some sort of prevention event without fail, crime has decreased and it tends to stay down for awhile afterward,” Borrong said.

If you want to meet one-on-one with a crime prevention specialist, the next information booth will be set up Wednesday, Sept. 19 at Stadium Park Apartments.

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