EPD Starts the “Fix it Ticket”

EUGENE, Ore. – The City of Eugene will start a new program on Thursday to help motorist stopped for violations regarding equipment, vehicle registration and drivers’ licenses.

Officers usually issue a Uniform Traffic Citation when a vehicle is not compliance with the law or the driver doesn’t have updated DMV information. If convicted, that infraction goes on that person’s driving history.

The city’s new program will allow motorist to correct the deficiencies listed, thereby ensuring they are in compliance with the law, with a vehicle safe to drive, and avoiding a conviction on their to their driving record.

The EPD officer will let the stopped motorist know about the program and provide a brochure along with the citation. The motorist must then fix or resolve the violation prior to their court date.

The motorist must complete the vehicle compliance form and bring the citation to EPD Headquarters, 300 Country Club Rd., or go to the Eugene Municipal Court, 1102 Lincoln St., with the form, citation and $50 administrative fee.

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