EPD to Help Honor Fallen CA Deputy

Mendocino DeputyFT. BRAGG, Ca. — The California deputy killed in a lengthy crime spree that started in Eugene will be remembered Wednesday.

Eugene police will be there paying their respects. The memorial service for Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del Fiorentino is scheduled for Wednesday at 10 a.m. That service will be in Fort Bragg, California.

Police say Ricardo Chaney killed Del Fiorentino last week. That was the end of a crime spree that officers say started with the killing of a former UO professor near Hendricks Park. Chaney’s accused of then setting the man’s house on fire. Police say Chaney then briefly kidnapped two students, stole their car and went to California. That’s when they say he shot and killed Del Fiorentino. Chaney was then killed in a shootout with police.

EPD will have officers at the service.

To watch the service, click here.

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  1. SJ says:

    Guess they shouldn’t have let him go.


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