EPD Traffic Sting at I-105 and W. 7th

Eugene Police patrol car

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is out in full force Tuesday, enforcing traffic laws near the Washington-Jefferson Bridge.

Police officers have been busy pulling over dozens of drivers at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Interstate 105. It’s an area police say has one of the highest crash rates in the city.

EPD says it went through data from the DMV to figure out what parts of town have the highest crash rates, and this area has an abnormally high amount of crashes.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit says this intersection is dangerous because as people exit I-105, they’re often going too fast, causing crashes at the bottom of the exit ramp.

“We’re focusing on speed mainly this morning but on the peripheral we’re also picking up seat belts, and cell phone violations and disobeying traffic control violations,” said Sgt. Jim Ball, Eugene Police Department Traffic Enforcement Unit.

Police say they originally thought there would be more citations handed out in the morning, but officers say they think people slowed down a bit because of the wet, rainy conditions morning.

During last month’s patrol near Valley River Center, officers cited nearly 100 drivers for several different violations, including cell phone use and speeding.

The Traffic Control Unit is planning additional enforcements during the next few months. The areas they’ll focus on include 18th Avenue and Chambers Street, MLK, Jr. Boulevard and Coburg Road, and West 11th Avenue and Bertlesen Road.

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