EPD Urges Students to Party Responsibly

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EUGENE, Ore. — Students are settling into town and the Eugene Police Department wants to make sure they don’t let themselves get out of hand.

Police say folks need to be aware of the responsibilities they have even when partying.

For example, the city’s unruly gathering ordinance went into effect back in March. So if you’re holding a party, they recommend that you control the guest list and possibly have adults only if you plan on serving alcohol.

Also respect your neighbors. Not doing so could mean hefty fines for both you and your party-goers.

In an effort to alleviate problems like this, EPD has partnered with several local groups, including Lane County Public Health.

“Most Lane County adults are not using alcohol to excess…Eighty-two percent of Lane County adults reported that they choose not to binge drink,” said Lindsey Adkisson, Lane County Community Health Analyst.

Their hope is to change the perception around this type of drinking. And they’re not the only ones. The University of Oregon also has its hand in the mix.

“U of O just tries to go through and make sure that our partnership with EPD, the surrounding neighbors and students is always ongoing. We’re always trying to think of creative ways to reach out and get students to understand what is it like to party responsibly,” said Jennifer Summers, UO Director of Substance Abuse Prevention.

Ultimately, though, they say it’s up to the individual to make their own game plans for not just a good time, but also their own safety.

“If you choose to use alcohol if you’re of age, please make a plan and set safe limits and really think about slowing down and just be conscious about your decision to use alcohol,” Adkisson said.

As for the university police department, it says it won’t be as involved in the party patrols this time around. They’re a young department and aren’t fully staffed to manage it all, and they’re still in the process of working out their interagency policies.

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