EPD Warns of Aggressive Salesmen

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department is warning residents about an influx of aggressive door-to-door sales.

EPD says they have been getting more reports about overly forceful encounters with salesmen. In some incidents, the person has pushed past the resident, illegally entering the home.

EPD says they are investigating the reports to see if any are connected to recent crimes, and they urge people to notify them during these situations.

Eugene police say during these encounters, ask the person to leave your home. If they do not move, they are considered trespassing and the police department will respond to assist.


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  1. Ron says:

    Come on over and push past my 9mm!

    1. jannette says:

      This interesting to know. We had a salesman come to our door and my adult daughter answered. When the salesman asked if her “husband” was home she said “my parents live here” the salesman then wanted to speak to us. When she said no the salesman got sarcastic and said that he couldn’t talk to her because she wasn’t the homeowner and when she told him her parents would not be interested he asked her to get one of us. About that time our daughters rather agressively looking dog stuck her head out the door and then the salesman decided to leave. I don’t know what he was trying to sale but he hasn’t been back or seen in our neighborhood.

  2. Dan says:

    Is there an area of town it is this happening most predominantly?

  3. marilyn rockwell says:

    That happened to me in west Eugene today, Elizabeth off Royal. Looked like a university student, young, very pushy and trying to gain entry into the home. I told her I was not interested in having my floors done at all and had a friend coming over and needed to clean; she even said she’d come in and help me clean. what Kirby salespeople want to clean or cook (yes, she even offered to help cook). Was about to utter my final no and shut door when my friend drove up and she left.

  4. S says:

    I too had an asian type looking college age female come to our house in the Ferry St. Bridge area off Coburg Rd. I talked to her outside my door and she was overly aggressive in trying to come in and she mentioned something about “Kirby vacuums” and I told her at least five times no and that I wasn’t interested and she still kept trying to talk me into her scam. I sensed something wasn’t right.
    From now on I’m not answering the door to anyone I don’t know!
    I do arm myself, but I still don’t want it to come down to using force.

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